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At Credit Report Australia, understanding your financial situation is at the core of our business.

ALL 3 Credit Reports

Credit Report Australia can provide you with a ALL your credit reports from the 3 main Agencies. We will then assess your credit reports to determine the best solution for your individual situation. Find out what's on your credit reports.

Credit Assistance

If your credit history is holding you back from getting a loan, we will create an individual tailored plan to get you back in control which may increase your chances of getting approved.

Debt Solutions

We offer a range of solutions that can help you get out of debt & take back control of your finances. Our consultants will review your current situation to identify which option may be suitable for you.

We have assisted thousands of everyday Australians take complete control of their credit situation.

Our experienced team of consultants take the time to understand your situation completely, so we can offer you tailored solutions.

If you’re not sure which option is right for you, give us a call on 133 493 or request a call back.

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